When the decision is made to renovate a floor or reconstruct the interior of a building, there are many questions to be answered: How long will it take? How much money will it cost? When can we get started? You're ready to go, and you want answers. Quickly.

With Colin as an integral part of the construction team, the client and his consultants not only get answers, they get commitment. They can focus on the end result, knowing that we'll take care of the details that add up to a quality construction job. The project manager and superintendents for the job will meet with both the client and his consultants at the start of the project, and any time thereafter, because they are 100% committed to the project. They will set up a realistic schedule, and work to ensure that all parties adhere to it. They will be available to troubleshoot in the envent that problems arise, and together with the architect and/or the engineer, if necessary, they will analyze the situation and provide solutions that will keep the job on schedule. This is all part of our commitment to service and timeliness.

A company can't last thirty one years in the construction industry without commitment-to quality, to service, to ideals. We know that a client will remain a client only as long as they are satisfied with out work. At Colin, we believe that future success is only assured through commitment to excellence in the present.

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